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Despite a decade of increasing awareness of the seriousness of concussions, young athletes still face a “culture of resistance” to reporting the injury and staying on the sidelines until it’s healed.  Although millions of U.S. children and teens play school or community sports and despite the efforts to track the statistics, it’s not clear how many suffer concussions, in part because many go undiagnosed. But those statistics that do exist show that among individuals 19 and younger, 250,000 were treated in emergency rooms for concussions and other sports- or recreation-related brain injuries in 2009, up from 150,000 in 2001. At this time, there’s little scientific evidence that current sports helmet designs or other gear, such as face masks or headbands for soccer, really reduce the risk. And since 2009, every state within the continental U.S. has passed strict concussion legislation. With the increased awareness and the potential long term consequences of sport-related concussions over the last few years at both the professional and collegiate levels, wouldn’t it make sense to protect what’s most precious to us?   

In 2011, Louisiana Athletic Care teamed up with Concussion Solutions, LLC to provide a cutting edge concussion management program to our existing schools/school systems. With this partnership it gives parents, coaches, and student athletes’ access to a team of experts trained specifically in the management of sport-related concussions.  It also combines local certified athletic trainers (LAT/ATC), physicians who are trained in the evaluation, treatment, and management of sport related concussions, and the most current technology to provide the only comprehensive concussion management solution in this area.  Concussion Solutions utilizes a return-to-play/academics protocol and current management strategies that are in accordance with the “Louisiana Youth Concussion Act” (Act 314) in an effort to maintain the highest standard of safety for your student athlete.

In order to help better manage concussions sustained by the student athlete, Louisiana Athletic Care will take full advantage of the program Concussion Solutions has to offer as it provides all of the essential pieces to the multi-disciplinary approach that is the gold standard of current concussion management in the United States. We strongly feel that in conjunction with your existing athletic trainers who are currently in place at your schools this gives us another valuable resource to provide the best overall healthcare to the student athlete. In regards to risk management this also allows us to protect the best interest of the coaches and school administration.   

We are excited to implement this program again because we feel it provides us the best available information for properly managing concussions and preventing potential brain damage that can occur with concussions. Louisiana Athletic Care’s certified athletic training staff is striving to keep your child’s health and safety at the forefront of the student athletic experience.